5 tips for picking out your perfect wedding dress

5 tips for picking out your perfect wedding dress

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One of the most exciting aspects to planning a wedding is picking out your perfect wedding dress! By now you definitely have a few ideas of what you like and as a wedding dress designer I would love to help you streamline your ideas and make the process stress free.

1. Look at your own wardrobe

Do you usually wear dresses with sleeves? Are lots of your tops low cut? Do you own mostly bodycon skirts? Drawing inspiration from what you are usually comfortable wearing is a great place to start when thinking about the style and shape of your wedding dress. If you are usually uncomfortable showing lots of skin go for a dress with sleeves. If you usually love showing off your cleavage- don’t cover it up for your big day! If you think you look best in a figure-hugging skirt go for a mermaid rather than a full skirt.

2. Think about the wedding as a whole

It’s important for your dress to fit in with the style of your wedding. If you’re having a picnic wedding where you’ll be seated on blankets and hay bales, go for a dress that is easy to move in. If you’re having a beach wedding perhaps consider a shorter dress so it won’t get sandy and salty. If you’re having a cathedral wedding, consider something dramatic to fit the scene.

3. Budget

It is important to have a budget in mind before you start looking for a dress.Your budget will guide you with whether you should look into buying from a boutique, placing a bespoke wedding dress with a designer, hiring or ordering on line. Don’t be intimidated, there are options to suit everyone’s pocket

4. Pinterest!

I know we’ve all had secret wedding dress inspiration boards for far too long but now that you are actually planning your wedding relook at all your ideas. Consider the 1st few points and look back at your pins with a more critical eye. Ask yourself Would I wear this style usually? Will this look fit in with my wedding style? Will this dress suit my budget? and then refine your inspiration images to get a clear idea of what you want before you start shopping around

5. Don’t listen to your mom (or your bridesmaids)

Too many opinions can really boggle the bride and make her unsure of her own decisions. Of course, you value the opinion of your nearest and dearest but remember, this is your wedding day. If mom is joining you for fittings make it clear beforehand that she is there to tell you how beautiful you look and not to offer too many opinions.



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