Hand Crafted
Wedding Dresses

Everyone deserves to feel uniquely themselves on their wedding day and I would love the opportunity to make the dress which ensures you do so. Oh Huntress dresses are designed by me, carefully planned and then hand-stitched. Each dress is made with patience and craft.

Emma captured my dream, my personal style, my requests perfectly. She was patient in the decision making process but also very clear on her ideas which helped me so much. She created the most perfect wedding dress for me which was classy and yet so comfortable that I could party the whole night in it.

~ Gina Biyela

Wedding Gown Consultations

The first step to creating your own bespoke wedding dress is to have a consultation. I would love to meet you and hear more about your wedding dress needs! At the wedding dress consultation, we’ll discuss all of your big ideas for your perfect dress. We’ll talk through budget, design, time frame, the fitting process and just generally get giddy about creating that once in a lifetime look for you!

After the consultation I will draw up a design idea for you and supply you with a final quote.

The Dress Making Process

After the initial consultation, you’ll have a unique wedding dress design and a quote to help you make your decision. Once you decide that you would like your Oh Huntress dress, the fun really begins! I will walk you through the journey, from fabric sourcing, to regular fittings, and adjustments. With regular fittings and communication, you will really feel part of the design and crafting process, making your final dress feel all the more YOU.


As mentioned, we aim to be as affordable as possible, without compromising quality or craft. Each bride is unique, and as such, the costs will vary. As a guideline, here is a outline of costs:

My in-depth consultation with you will ensure you get your ideas streamlined, and provide you with a unique dress design idea. Because of this, we charge R1000 for the initial consultation – which will be deducted from your final amount should you choose to go with Oh Huntress for your big day. Consider it a deposit for your truly personal look.

Our once off authentically-you dresses start at R10,000 excluding fabric. Each dress is priced according to design, fabrication, and time. 

I’ll chat to you in detail about your budget and what we can do within it.

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